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What are cookies and why do we use them?

In compliance with the provisions of Article 22.2 of the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (known by its Spanish initials, LSSI) and in accordance with the EU Cookie Directive (2009/136/CE), TOR global Travel (TGT) is hereby informing you that this Website permits the use of cookies. Cookies are small data files that websites like TGT send to your browser, allowing us to "remember" information concerning your last visit, your preferences and your browsing habits. This helps us facilitate browsing and increase the user-friendliness of our site, i.e. they help us improve your experience when exploring TGT

To give you a few examples, cookies "remind" us of such basic and useful information as your user name and password so you can log on to the site automatically without having to re-enter them, your default browser language and the most popular destinations for tourists with search criteria similar to yours, as well as such important information as that which enables us to display advertisements in accordance with your browsing habits so they will correspond as closely as possible to your interests.

You can rest assured that the cookies used on this Website are only associated with an anonymous user and that user's computer, without providing any of the user's personal information.

Many of the cookies we use are exempt from obligatory disclosure, as the AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Agency) considers them to be ""essential"" (for example, the user login cookies that enable you to avoid filling out online forms in every website you visit). However, in the case of other types, it is important for you to be well-informed, which is why you should read this information. Nevertheless, we are fully committed to our clients: if you have any questions or concerns after reading this information, please do not hesitate to write to us and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can contact us by mail at Calle Gran Vía No. 22 4th right Madrid, Spain, by fax at 902196339, or by email at

If you still have questions concerning cookies, you can also access the following link to the Inteactive Advertising Bureau:

What types of cookies might you find on TGT?

First, we need to inform you about the various types of cookies. You should bear in mind that on TGT, you may find both our own cookies, set by us, and third-party cookies, set by our partners, providers and collaborators, which enable you, for example, to interact with any advertising you may find on our Website. There are also session cookies and tracking cookies. The former compile and store data while you are on the website (for example, your shopping cart), and the latter enable data to be stored and remain accessible for a longer period of time.

According to the purpose for which they collect data, on TGT, you may find the following types of cookies:

  1. Essential or authentication cookies: Without these, we would not be able to work together, and you would not be able to access all of the features of our Website. They enable you to navigate the Website and use the various features and services it contains, for example, controlling data traffic and communication, identifying the session, entering areas with restricted access, remembering the products and services contained in an order, completing the purchasing process, applying to register for or participate in in an event, using security features during browsing and storing audio or video broadcast content. Without cookies, we would have no way of knowing what services you have already selected when choosing others (they improve your experience on our Website, for example, by helping us remember that you have already chosen a flight while you're looking for hotels so that you do not have to pay for each service separately).

  2. Analytics cookies: These cookies, which may be managed by us or by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and thus perform statistical measurements and analysis of your use of the offered services: they enable us to understand how you interact with our Website and determine which content and advertising campaigns appeal to you the most. In short, they guide us in providing content that truly interests you and in making that content as accessible to you as possible. To do this, we analyse your navigation of our Webpage with the goal of improving the selection of products and services we offer you.

  3. Advertising cookies: These cookies, which may be managed by us or by third parties, allow us to manage the advertisements in TGT as effectively as possible, adapting the advertising content to the services you request or to your usage of our Webpage. To do this, we may analyse your web browsing habits and show you advertisements related to your navigation profile.

  4. Social network cookies: These are a type of authentication cookie that enables you to share our content through the social networks you belong to. They are managed directly by the selected social network, and without them, it would be impossible to share the information we show you with your friends and acquaintances.

  5. Behavioural advertising cookies: These cookies enable storing information on users' activity throughout a single browsing session, presenting advertisements that are directly related to their interests or to the searches they have previously performed on other websites.

Nom du cookie Qui gère le cookie ? Description du cookie Expiration Type de cookie
brand_m TGT Nécessaire pour le bon fonctionnement du site Fin de session Cookie technique
x TGT Nécessaire pour le bon fonctionnement du site 30 jours Cookie technique
s TGT Nécessaire pour le bon fonctionnement du site 1 ans Cookie technique
agency TGT Nécessaire pour le bon fonctionnement du site Fin de session Cookie technique
PHPSESSID TGT Nécessaire pour le bon fonctionnement du site Fin de session Cookie technique

Comment activer, désactiver ou éliminer les cookies?

Vous devez tenir compte du fait que si les cookies ne sont pas activés dans votre dispositif, la navigation et, en définitive, l’'expérience sur WOZOZO peut ne pas se révéler aussi bonne que prévue. Si vous décidez, d’'ailleurs, de bloquer tous les cookies (y compris les «indispensables/techniques» que nous avons mentionnés plus haut), il est probable que vous ne pourrez pas accéder à une partie de notre contenu ou utiliser les services (tel que le panier) qui en ont besoin.

Néanmoins, les actions qui permettent d’'activer, de désactiver ou d'’éliminer les cookies sont très simples dans votre navigateur. Voici les plus communes:

  • Si vous utilisez Internet Explorer 8.0+::

  • Si vous utilisez Firefox 4.0+:

  • Si vous utilisez Google Chrome:

  • Si vous utilisez Safari:
    • Dans “Réglages” et “Safari”, sélectionnez l'’option “Préférences”
    • Ouvrez l'’onglet «Confidentialité»
    • Dans l'’option «Bloquer cookies», sélectionnez l'’option qui s'’ajuste le mieux à vos besoins.
    • Ou depuis le lien:

L'’unique manière d’'annuler l’'accord une fois accepté est par le biais de l’'élimination des cookies déjà téléchargés. Pour rendre cela possible, suivez les instructions mentionnées plus haut. Il existe également des outils qui vous permettent de détecter les cookies sur chaque site web consulté et de gérer leur désactivation, l'’un d’eux est «Ghostery» "Ghostery"